Cargo monitoring system onboard a semi-submersible

Comprehensive cargo and ballast tank monitoring to ensure vessel stability and safety

Cargo monitoring systems (CMS) on marine vessels provide alarm monitoring and data readings for liquid level, pressure and temperature in each cargo tank, plus each ballast tank. The reliability of data from these systems is critical for the operation, safety and structural integrity of the vessel, particularly throughout all loading and discharging processes. The main function is to maintain stability and load compensation during these operations. Any malfunction of the cargo monitoring system can delay and prevent cargo operations, which could result in increased port charges and docking schedules.

  • Measurement of level in ballast, fuel, freshwater and similar tanks
  • Sensor mounted outside the tank, optionally with isolated valve
  • Workstation with Cargomaster monitoring and alarm software
  • For full redundancy on monitoring, the system may be set up in multiple configurators
  • Main cabinet with electronics for handling all sensor signals and communication to other system